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Support Your Staff with Child Care Options

Nearly two-thirds of Bay Area parents struggle to afford childcare for their family, and teachers are no different. It is a challenge that impacts career decisions, and leads talented teachers to quit their jobs. 

You can prevent the high turnover of staff and gain an excellent reputation by partnering with Kids Konnect – your organization will pull in high-calibre talent looking to start a family and build a career. 

Employer Childcare Provision Services

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Onsite Infant Care and Preschools

If you have space at one of your district’s schools, we can manage your center including hiring staff, handling licensing and curriculum.

Explore onsite opportunities

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Reserved Offsite Spaces

If you don’t have space on site, you can pay for reserved spaces at one of our five bay area preschools. This way when your staff needs them, spaces are saved for your team.

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Subsidized Childcare

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Another option is to partially cover your teacher’s child care costs. This keeps your staff happy and reduces turnover.

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Make your school district excel!

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Retain top teaching talent

Remove the roadblock of childcare and your best teachers will return to work when their parental leave ends.

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Improve student attainment

When you keep your best teachers, your students’ grades and SAT scores go up.

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Boost employee wellbeing

Your teachers will feel more secure at work and their wellbeing will improve when they know they can raise a family and have a career.

Is a Kids Konnect partnership right for you? 

What will it cost? Who will use your center? Find out what top employers want from a childcare center partnership.

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The BIG benefit: keep your best female teachers

While childcare is slowly becoming a joint parental responsibility, the burden still lands mainly on women. At the moment, 73% of the teacher workforce in California identifies as female. This means that the teaching industry is disproportionately affected by the pressures of balancing work and family. A childcare partnership with Kids Konnect gives hard working female teachers peace of mind and lets them know they can return to work when they want.

Discover the options we have for our school childcare provision

Child care has never been more important for families. See how Kids Konnect can support your team members.