Corporate Childcare Provision

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Reduce Turnover, Attract Better Team Members

A Kids Konnect corporate partnership removes barriers to work and keeps your employees consistent. 

Nearly two-thirds of Bay Area parents struggle to afford childcare for their family. It is a challenge that impacts career decisions, and leads talented parents to quit their jobs. 

You can prevent the high turnover of staff and gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Kids Konnect – your organisation will pull in high-calibre talent looking to start a family and build a career.

Employer Childcare Provision Services


Onsite Infant Care and Preschools

If you have space at your site, we can manage your center including hiring staff, handling licensing and curriculum.

Explore onsite opportunities

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Reserved Offsite Spaces

If you don’t have space on your site, you can pay for reserved spaces at one of our five bay area preschools. This way when your staff needs them, spaces are saved for your team.

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Subsidized Childcare


Another popular option is to partially cover your employee’s child care costs. This boosts job satisfaction, helps retain staff and reduces absenteeism. 

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Unlock your organization's potential

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Retain top talent

Stop talented employees leaving when they have children by making childcare part of your return to work package.


Be an attractive employer

Be a magnet for potential employees across different demographics as you’ll be a visible and supportive employer.

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Promote female leadership

Reassure women that they can have solid careers at your company if they choose to have a child.

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Lower business tax

The California state government grants tax breaks to any company that offers childcare provision to their employees.

Is a Kids Konnect partnership right for you? 

What will it cost? Who will use your center? Find out what top employers want from a childcare center partnership.

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Support female leadership

Childcare is increasingly becoming one of the main priorities for men and women when considering new jobs. By not meeting this demand, you risk losing the best prospective talent to your competitors. With a child care partnership, you can attract top female talent as women know they can build their careers with you.

Discover the options we have for corporate childcare provision

Child care has never been more important for families. See how Kids Konnect can support your team members.